Polyglot Gathering 2014 and my Berlin adventure! [English] [VIDEO]

The Polyglot Gathering finished on Wednesday leaving motivation, inspiration, and beautiful memories in my mind. There is a brief video coverage down below where I shared not only some of my thoughts about the event itself but also the impressions about my whole Berlin adventure.
Just for quick explanation:
-I didn’t record any lectures because they will by published by the organizers later
-You can see program of the conference here: http://polyglotberlin.com/?page_id=122
-The video footage turned out to be quite brief, so I decided to write more comments here 🙂
Where am I going at the end of the video? 
I am going for more language learning experiences, reaching for more knowledge, and heading to the next polyglot conference!
I am quite new in the language learning fans community. 
I call myself a newly- born language passionate because it has been just about two years since I discovered the real pleasure of learning foreign languages (other than English that is a subject of my university studies) and started doing it almost addictively. The Polyglot Gathering supposed to be a boost of new energy for the future and a self-reward for what I had done until then. I knew a couple of people from the Internet who were going there, I read articles about others. I definitely wanted to meet them all but never considered it a big step in my language learning. Today, after a couple of days, I cannot believe how many new ideas come to my mind, how motivated I am and how easy it is to follow my learning routine. For me, the person who considered ‚a polyglot’ a legendary, mythical creature, meeting all of them was like seeing a proof that all this can be true if I put some more effort and continue my development. It was like seeing the promise for the future: „you will be one of them, if you follow the right path”. 
Okay, there are also some dangers for language newbies who attend such a conference. 
For me it was easy to get lost among the participants and start asking myself  „Why did I come here with my average language skills and poor knowledge of linguistics?”. I was stressed because everyone spoke languages I did not know, some of which I even did not recognize.
How and why I got rid of this question? What did I learn? 
Something that is much more important for language learning than a few new vocabulary items, or a grammatical structure. I learnt that even great polyglots and people of such charismatic personalities as Luca Lampariello, David Mansaray, Ellen Jovin, Richard Simcott, or Alex Rawlings talk about learning methods, ways of practicing, focusing and maintaining their motivation which means that we all start from the same point and all have very similar problems when we reach for fluency in any language. It depends on ourselves how much we are going to learn, and the only competitor and point of reference are we ourselves! Therefore, for instance, I want to keep learning French to beat the person named Ula 2014 and as Ula 2015 jump on a new level to compare myself to that girl from the past who was able to speak French only to the people of great patience 🙂
Moreover, polyglottery is not only the knowledge of multiple languages. 
It is a way of life and certain attitude that keeps you open to changes, challenges and lets you absorb knowledge from situations that common people are afraid of and do not rather perceive them as learning opportunities. Language is not only a tool to communicate and not only a passion. It is first of all, the way of learning about ourselves – our mind, preferences, character, and then, learning about other people.


So, how did I answer my cowardly question at the end of the conference?
I, a keen language enthusiast, came here to know myself better, meet wonderful people, observe their own development, share my passion, find motivation, and finally, go back home and with a smile on my face, write this post to say how happy I am that I could attend the Polyglot Gathering 2014! 🙂

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